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hanging out on devops and docker talk

Today I joined Bret and Nirmal on Devops and Docker Talk . It was fun and maybe a little bitter sweet too. I used to be on the show alot, when it was Bret and Matt on Devops and Docker Talk. Bret had no cohost from the beginning of the show up until that point, then I appeared talking about RBAC for kubernetes.

We got along so well and it was so enjoyable I wanted to find a way to suggest that I join him more often. Some weeks went by and we saw each other again at an event Civo put together called Civo Navigate in Tampa, FL. I think it was there or maybe just after that when I suggested to Bret that I join him on the show.

We tried it and it seemed to work. It worked really well. But I wasn’t the best choice for cohost, I was just the person that suggested a cohost was helpful. Around the time we pivoted at work from RBAC for kubernetes to SSH key management to Ollama, Bret switched it up and got Nirmal to be his cohost. They were already friends and had a good rapport so it made sense, and I think it worked well for the show.

In today’s show, we talked about Ollama, which may seem odd to some due to my relationship with Ollama. We first started planning the show at DockerCon 2023, but for various reasons it got pushed out…me getting let go pushed it out further. And then another guest had a conflict and it got pushed out again… to today.

We talked about the basics of Ollama, a bit about RAG, the GenAI stack from Docker, and a whole lot more. Check out the full episode at