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the desk and studio tour

Devops and Docker Talk

NextDesk/Xdesk - No way am I going to recommend anyone buy that garbage
Desk Haus - I have two of the Grand Rapids -
Panasonic s5iix -
Panasonic Lumix 24mm f1.8 L Mount Lens -
Panasonic GH6, the successor to the GH5 -
BlackMagic ATEM Mini Extreme ISO -
Elgato StreamDeck XL -
Keyboard Maestro -
Teleprompter - There isn’t one I can recommend at the moment, and there is one you shouldn’t get if you value your money and that’s the Elgato.
SpeakFlow Teleprompting Service -
Lilliput A11 Monitor -
Elgato Key Light -
Oktava MK12 -
Heil PR40 Mic -
Elgato Wave Mic Arm -
Elgato Wave Mic Arm Low Profile -
Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Quad -
If you can afford the real thing, we should be friends…
Gik Acoustics Bass Traps -
Bitfocus Companion -
Audio Hijack -
Hazel -
LG 40WP95C-W Ultra Wide Monitor -
iLoud MTM Studio Monitor -
ZSA Voyager -
WorkLouder Creative Micro -